We’ve been fortunate to meet some incredibly inspiring individuals who have influenced, educated, shaped and reinforced our approach to our sensible sourcing policy, company ethos and culture.

We carefully choose the people and suppliers we work with to ensure their values and ethics match up with our own. Our meat is grass fed and halal. Our fish is from sustainable stock. We source locally and seasonally where we can and where it makes sense. Our more exotic ingredients come from a handful of specialist artisans across the east Mediterranean.

We are committed to minimising our carbon impact and put sustainable practice and ethical values at the heart of what we do. Our most recent initiative was to stop plastic straws in drinks, to reduce the amount of plastic that makes its way to landfill and into the oceans and we are in the process of transitioning from bubble wrap to cardboard shreds to protect our products in shipping, by shredding our vegetable boxes.

We’re committed to continuing working with schools, social enterprises and community-led groups to ensure that not only does our presence have a positive impact on the local area, but that we are able to use our influence to benefit both local and international causes.